Original Sin


Jenna St James

American / Las Vegas
12:01 min - Nov 04 - .MP4 - 870.04 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Have your thoughts been impure during mass? Mine have... And I've been wanting to talk to you because I can't seem to get through a sermon without wondering if you think about me inappropriately. But how could you not? Being a priest must be SO HARD. Is it hard? ...Hard not to think about what I might taste like... or if I'm wearing panties... I know that during our last confession I made you really nervous. It's not everyday a beautiful woman comes into the confession box and tells you about her sex addiction, huh? I think that confession proved that we both have something in common. We both want to act on these sinful, dirty thoughts, but we can't. You would lose everything if you became sexually involved with a young schoolgirl... But what if we just didn't touch each other? What if you just didn't cum? You could surely be forgiven for jerking off. So do it. Reach in those pants. Just control yourself since I can't do it for you. Is it really worth losing everything just to cum for me