Obey Mistress Alexis Amore



American / Las Vegas
9:50 min - Nov 04 - .MP4 - 570.85 MB


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Mistress Alexis greets you arrogantly in the dungeon by telling you "come here you little BITCH". She tells you "I know you want to be my slave.. you like this dont you. You will worship me." . She calls you a bitch and shoves her HUGE TITS IN YOUR FACE. She tells you to be a good little slave and then tells you to worship her ass. She sits on the Dungeon horse and bends over so her spandex covered ass is right in your face. She makes you tell her that you serve her and that you will do anything for her. She peels down her spandex pants and tells you to worship her asshole. HER ASS IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! She loves making you degrade yourself so she orders you to take off your belt and tighten it around your neck. After some HOT Ass Worship with nice closeups, she turns around and shoves her pussy in your face. She spreads her pussy and orders you to lick it.. she makes you say "Alexis owns me!" and then makes you scream it! She even makes you lick and worship her dirty boots and then feet. In the end, she tells you she is going to count down from 10 while you smell her asshole and jerk off. She puts her ass right in the camera as you jerk off for her. ALEXIS AMORE IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST OF ALL TIME AND THIS IS HER HOTTEST CLIP YET