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I'm becoming such an overweight obese cow and I'm loving every pound I successfully pack on with all of my greedy indulging! The past two months i have satisfied every single craving I've had with the help of some amazing online feeders! From my extensive meals at English pubs along with fattening beers, cheese cake factory, cracker barrel, the many buffets here in Vegas, and my absolute favorite ordering in food i have been sure to pack on some pounds! Especially since it has just been followed by a month of Halloween where i pampered myself with tons of sweet treats and bags of candy id eat before bed watching the teli! In this video I measure myself to show you just how truly big i have gotten since my last measurements and was quite excited and pleased with myself! I measure my boobs, belly, ass, thighs, arms and calves! All of which by the way have grown immensely! Then I step on the scale for the first time in two months to see the magical numbers of my fatness! I am really happy with my progress and i hope you are too