Freeing Mom

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Bettie Bondage

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OSucks - Top reviewer Feb 24
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One of the best models ever! Sooo much interaction in her videos, she shows so much effort and a lot creativity in her videos. This is def one showing all of that and more! Many of her videos have strong stories and she knows how to use that dialogue so well!

Your mom asks you to come over and talk. You can tell by her voice that he did it again. Your father. He's always been a prick, so you're not all that surprised when you get to her house and she's got a black eye, a fat lip. It's always been this way. You hate to see her like this, but you know she can't leave. He'll never allow her to get a divorce. But today she seems determined to get out. You don't know what changed, if she simply reached the limit of what she could take, but she's got a fire in her eyes as she stands up, her robe barely closed around her naked body. You don't want to notice, but you can't help it. You've always been somewhat attracted to her, your mother...maybe it's the closeness you've always had with her, considering your father, but there's an undeniable pull. Your cock begins to stiffen as she gets close to you, touching your chest,, that can't be...she's your mother... ...but as she slips down to her knees, rubbing her hand across your rapidly hardening member, you know you're right. Your mother is trying to seduce you. She looks up at you and soothes your objections, pulling your cock out and slowly stroking, licking, sucking. You want to reach down and grab the back of her head, slide your cock down her throat but she's got a look in her eye. You hesitate, watching as she slowly lavishes your cock. "I need him gone," she says. "BIG gone..." You know what she means. And as you look down at your mother, listening to her offer to drain your cock straight into her mouth - your own mother - you know you have no choice. You have to. You have to free your mother. You have to fuck your mother. ******** A month passes since you finally went through with it. Your mother is free, healthy, happy. She smiles all the time. That's almost enough of a reward, honestly, but there's a part of you that can't stop thinking about it. About the promise she made, after she made you cum in the kitchen, how she said you could have her. All of her. So one night, when you know she's going out with some gal pals, you head over and wait for her to get home, certain she'll be a little tipsy. You lay across her bed, your throbbing cock out, waiting for her to get home. When she finally stumbles in the door, she's immediately smiling, ebullient and enthusiastic about paying you back. She shimmies out of her tight black dress, teasing you with her round ass, her long legs, crawling onto the bed and taking you into her mouth before she asks for one last favor... "I want you to fuck your mother, sweetie...&quot