Puppy's Playtime

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Charlie McGee

American / Bikini Bottom
457 5.0
11:44 min - Nov 05 - .MP4 - 1.66 GB


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Smith_T deleted - Top reviewer Nov 5
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She's super adorable as a puppy and also super sexy. Creative video and very hot. I would love to see more videos like this.

And that orgasm... and the way she rides and plays with herself.

BUY THIS VIDEO. Absolutely worth it.

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Ok, let me start off by saying if you want a serious (boring) video to cum to then this is not the video for you. Don't get me wrong you WILL cum to this video, it's just that Charlie is a big goof. Like petplay? Curious? Haven't heard of it? Then this video is for you and even if you're not a fan of pet play then you'll still enjoy this video. Charlie is easily the sexiest most adorable girl I've ever came across.

11 and a half minutes of cute, adorable sexy Charlie? Yes please. I watched this video 3 times before leaving this review, I loved it so much! 10/10 would cum again.

Noodle moved into a new home and has lots of space to play! she puts in her new plug, wiggles her butt and rolls around, and shows you her toys including her favorite vibrator. shes asks you to turn it on and then leads you into the kitchen to investigate a dildo that's appeared on the ground. with a little training, she sits on the toy and has a loud, happy pup cum. (ahhhh! im so excited to get more into petplay! i have so much room to play here.. this was such a fun and natural video to record! btw i do use a regression voice. i'd never thought about talking as a pup before, but i pressed record and this is what happened! its been described as weird yet adorable.. just as a heads up. i truly love this video and hope you'll enjoy it just as much! i'd love to hear your feedback on it