Diaper punished and made to be ABDL



Canadian / Las Vegas
18:39 min - Nov 06 - .WMV - 442.16 MB - 720x480


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Infantilism and Adult nappies, ABDL ageplay regression with Cheyenne Jewel & DJ. Cheyenne is tired of her husband always wetting the bed and has decided on a alternative treatment, by putting him in nappies and treating him just like a BB, against his will! She drags him into Changing Times Dlaper Co (located in Las Vegas, NV) where Mommy Missy greats them & shows her different adult dlaper products, plastic pants and accessories around the store. DJ throws a fit so Cheyenne has to grab him by the ears and threaten a spanking. They pay for the nappies and leave but as soon as they get home, CHeyenne puts DJ over her knees for an OTK spanking til his tushy is red! She makes him get on the bed and takes off his big boy pants (which are thankfully dry!), putting him in a thick cushy dry disposable DIAPER!!! He's protesting all the way but she INSISTS this is the only way to go and a good solution. She gives him a binkie so he stops complaining and also put a HUGE pink padded diap3r cover, plastic pants over his tushy