Tgirl Miss Stephie punishes Ginger

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Ginger Liqueur

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494 4.0
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yvesottawa Nov 6 2017
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Stephi and Ginger make a hot pair and the action is awesome , just wish we could see more of Stephi's cock up close pounding Ginger

Ginger was given one task: house sit while Miss Stephie was away. Unfortunately for Ginger, mites have attacked all of the house plants and Miss Stephie has no choice but to punish Ginger for her lack of care. With her ankles chained to the table legs, Ginger's ass starts to turn pink with a quick open-palm spanking. It quickly deepens in shade when Miss Stephie switches to a closed palm. Metal nipple clamps are then introduced, before Ginger gets the stinging flogging she really deserves. Do her whiny moans turn you on? What about her 'thank you's? Miss Stephie can hardly resist, and it isn't long before she's pounding her slut's wet holes