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Soft as Velvet



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9:30 min - Nov 05 - .MP4 - 710.69 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I'm in a sexy mesh and velvet minidress, paired with jacquard-lace topped fishnets, teasing you with words and curves. I encourage you to jerk off for my big legs, and bend over, stroking my legs up and down, giving you a flash of pussy, no panties. I unlace my Oxford patent leather booties, then get on the bed and spread my legs. You want my bare feet and bare thick legs, don't you? Isn't that better? I say as I roll down my stockings. I jiggle my legs while I spread my pussy, then play with it, moaning. I need your cock inside me. I take a favourite toy, gliding it up and down my glistening slit. Then I slip it inside, in and out, over and over, saying yes, yes. I fuck myself harder and harder, legs up at first then knees bent, showing off my curvy legs and feet. I cum, finally, gushing creamy liquid from my pussy with the toy inside, then lay back, cross my legs and showing my ass, in post-orgasmic bliss