Easy for You to Spray



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It boggles the mind to consider just how many loads of hot cum this rambunctious MILF has enjoyed in her day, but perhaps even more impressive than the sheer number of sperm-soaked finishes she has inspired over the years is the consistently thick, heavy and yes--often, long-flying--bounties of jizz she unfailingly pulls out of her hubby's bouncing sack. In this stripped-down encounter, Leslie first serves up her round, bare ass for a tenacious tonguing, and thereafter, she keeps those rotund ass cheeks sunny side up as she sucks, licks and deep throats his stiff cock on all fours. Then reclining on the rug with her favorite sleek, slim black vibrator, she rubs, vibes and fucks her naughty little pussy non-stop for her playmate's pleasure, as he jerks off, gropes her big tits and pinches her perky pink nipples before absolutely coating her torso, tits and neck with one of the steamiest, stickiest mother lodes of human spunk you've ever seen without CGI assistance