Spanking the Elf

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284 5.0
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gbass1207 - Top reviewer Nov 5 2017
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My fave elf has been VERY naughty lately, so some punishment it in order! Thor delivers some hard spanks to Amelia's very sexy ass! Another naughty and very fun vid! Aww- her poor booty- it's so red!!! <3

this Elf has been very naughty lately! watch as i get a good hard spanking until my ass turns BRIGHT red. i get spanked with a hand, belt, hair brush, and paddle until my poor ass can't take anymore!! Thor laughs as i squeal and squirm but he doesn't stop spanking me until my ass is glowing! Thor: "I feel bad for that ass" Me: *pouting* "Do you really?" Thor "Nope." *spanks me harder* ouchie! At one point Thor even cruelly teases me between spanks, he rubs my pussy with the handle of the hair brush, then just baaarely sticks it into my tight twitching ass. Then just as im about to push back onto it he takes it away and smacks my ass again!! at the end i do a nice booty shake and close up so you can really see my poor ab-sed ass <3