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Emmas Secret Life

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3,977 5.0
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totallybond Nov 28 2017

does this bbc cum inside you on this one?

olddogjm - Top reviewer Dec 31
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This vid starts off with Emma looking stunning as ever in a new bra and panty set, as she teases her soon to be cuck, and it gets better.

Emma is joined by the Freak and they have one hell of a good time! Emma really enjoyed herself during this clip as her pussy became so creamy and it is a sight to behold. Emma unleashes her fantastic dirty talk as she lets her cuck know his short cummings throughout. The clips ends with Emma tasting the creampie. How yummy.

Be warned, after watching this video you may become Emma's cuck. Not that that is a bad thing.

You should also check out her kinky & hot petplay version Custom Cuckold by a K9 – HD.

Thank you so much! Love reading your reviews! ❤️

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Nov 5 2017
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Wow! Their just getting hotter! First of all Emma is looking beautiful, eyes, lips and body. She looks stunning.
Now to the video. We get to see this gorgeous little slut take it in some new positions which really help with the camera work. After all in porn it's always about position, position, position... Lol

Seriously though there's not a one penetraton shot missed. Add to that Emma's great dirty talking and this video is sizzling right down to the creampie.

Thank you so much Marc! ❤️❤️❤️

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Emmas Secret Life
American / United States
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