Kristie Bish
Freebie Tuesday

SO much fun with my clear chair

182 5.0


American / Tampa
182 5.0
4:54 min - Nov 05 - .MOV - 125.64 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Great body, novel camera angle. Hot video.

Billi_TK Nov 18
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This video has got to be seen to be believed. Beautiful Blakely at her sexiest! It is mind-blowingly erotic and exciting! Another amazing video from the incredible Blakely!

Nrup90 Nov 13
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Such an amazing video from such an insanely hot woman. having 2 different video angels plus such a climactic ending will have me drooling for days. I wish I could leave more then 5 stars because it definitely doesn't do it justice. 10/5 is more like it.

I got this chair as a gift not knowing that it would make the sexiest porn! Watch me squirt all over the bottom of the chair and imagine it’s your face down there
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