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Fetish Friday

Home Wrecking Wife's Best Friend


Crystal Knight

American / Las Vegas. NV
14:16 min - Dec 29 - .MOV - 1.1 GB


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I want a homewrecking clip where you make me cum 3-4 times and leave nothing for my wife. You are my wife's BF and staying with us. I want you to make me cum by making me call my wife and jerking/cumming for you while she is on the phone. Also by describing how you will jerk me during dinner with my wife next to us and/or how you would fuck me in my bed while she is out cold (out of it) next to us. I don't like humiliation but I like the word "bitch"...e.g "cum for me bitch", "jerk for me bitch", "cheat your wife with me bitch" etc (Custom NO name mentioned in clip