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City of Lust
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You were lucky enough to meet Vivian Dash when she was in a bad phase of her life. She dated you a few times only to realize she was doing a mistake, she went to therapy and now she's much happier: without you, dating a guy with a big cock. She humiliates you, your body, your mind and mainly your tiny penis. Then she gets a big dildo that is shaped like her new boyfriend's cock and a used condom with his cum, pour it all over and make you suck it. You like it so much that she realized you are gay, so she humiliates you for not have the courage to get out of closet. She makes an experiment of jerking you off having a very disgusting face and humiliating you as she does it, when you finally cum she makes you eat it. Quality: Full HD 1080p. Lenght: 21m22s