Messy Stuffing Until I Pass Out

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570 5.0
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Kinkyfatguy - Top reviewer Dec 24
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So sexy/cute! Especially when she passes out!

I am absolutely ravenous, and I have a feast of food in front of me. Digging in with my hands, I pile food into my mouth, I tear into fried chicken, I let my gluttonous ways overtake me. I moan in delight as my mouth gets crammed with food. Gravy spills from my lips, over my chin, and down my shirt. I use my clothes as napkins before grabbing a bottle of soda and chugging. My shirt says “Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty”, but I look like an absolute slob. My pink and white panties are so tight on my fat body, you can see my pussy lips as I sit sprawled on the mess of food I am devouring. In the end, finally quelled from the onslaught of food, I pass out happily