My 1st Beautiful Agony

2,511 5.0

Tammie Madison

American / UK
2,511 5.0
7:27 min - Aug 07 - .MOV - 97.11 MB - 640x360


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Baggle Apr 14 2017
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I loved the facial expressions and occasional moments of intense eye contact, where I could just read the pleasure that you were feeling. The fact that you were filmed horizontally may have thrown me off a bit sometimes, making my head tilt slightly... but even that had its perks because it shows more of your beautiful chest without taking focus away from your intense facial expressions nor cutting off the top of your hair. It was a wonderful orgasm and I would highly recommend buying this clip. A++. Very hot clip. Wonderful moaning too.

Look into my eyes as I play with my sweet little pussy which is just out of your view. Watch my expression change as I hit all the right spots and start getting closer and closer to orgasm. Finally you'll see my body tense, my breathing alter and the beautiful agony that is my O face as I climax.