The wimp wins part 2


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
10:09 min - Nov 07 - .WMV - 601.72 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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In this part 2 update BBW MILF Sofia Rose has bought her sons dorky friend Jay wimp into her bedroom. She caught her son insulting and making fun of Jay so she ordered her son to baseball practice so she could have some time alone with Jay. Sofia tells him she felt sorry for the way her son way treating him and gives him a big hug to make him feel better. She notices Jay turn bright red when she put his head against her enormous chest. Sofia has the biggest tits he has ever seen! He knows he really shouldn't think about his friends mom that way but he cant help it. She is just so sexy and over powering. She is so commanding and it turns Jay on. She can see that Jay is attached to her. She knows he has probably never even kissed a girl and decides to toy with him. She slips her shirt off and is wearing a black silky bra. She orders jay to take his clothes off. Jay is embarrassed at first but is enraptured by seeing so much of Sofia! Her beautiful flesh is the sexiest thing he has ever seen! She rubs her enormous ass on him and lets him feel her breasts. Jay moans in pleasure. He is so overcome with hornyness he can hardly speak. Enjoying her game, Sofia strips out of her leggings and orders Jay to grind his dick on her panties. Jay is overcome with excitement and can't help but get a boner. Amused Sofia tells jay she is going to give him a nice big hug. She orders him to lay down on her bed and she climbs on top. Jay is engulfed completely by her. Sofia slowly grinds against his cock, seductively wiggling her breasts at him. He gasps and moans.Sofia then starts s m oth ering his face with her breasts. This is the best hug Jay has ever had! His mom never hugs him like this! Sofia tits are so big! and real! Jay didn't even think you can have boobs this big that were real. He nervously asks if he can touch them, Sofia smiles and nods. Jay reaches his hands up to grope them and is amazed by how much they jiggle. His two hands can't even hold half of her breasts. She smiles and then pulls his head into her chest. She buries his face in between her soft breasts. She feels him get even harder underneath her and smiles in pleasure. She is going to let Jay have a little treat