Trapping my Stepson in my Body

mar 12, 2024Stream and Download2.32 GB40m47s FHD

In this movie I (your stepmom) have come up with a devious plan to finally find out how good it is to fuck me. For so long I’ve wanted to know how amazing it feels to worship my long legs and pretty feet, I’ve always been so jealous of my partners… but now after talking to a medium I’ve learnt how to swap bodies! And I have the perfect host in mind… you! I’m going to trap my step son in my body and have him obey my every command so I can finally fulfil my foot fetish through another pair of eyes…I promise to swap our bodies back and teach you my skill once I’m satisfied so you start to play along. However unbeknownst to you I’m counting on the fact that no one will ever believe you if you tell them this has happened so I might as well use you in my body for however long I please and there’s nothing you can do about it …! First person to review this video gets 12 free photos from me! 1080p quality and available to stream or download immediately. Hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Demi xxx

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