Draining You

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American / The Woods
843 5.0
20:23 min - Nov 09 - .MP4 - 1.49 GB


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milkfred - Top reviewer Nov 12
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best view ever, nice work, honey. setting the camera angle very well, the seductive voice makes it even better, like a live story. love to watch ur eyes n naughty tongue. hope u can do more vids like this.

joeblowjoeblow - Top reviewer Nov 10
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This is honestly a really really great video. On one level its just a straight 20 minutes slow linger blow job finished with a brutally jerked facial.

But it's also a kind of a mindfuck JOI video, with holo and her professional-grade vampire teeth, stepping your through the entire action with on-point and well-acted voice over. It's really a top notch professional vid that is also hot as fuck.

It was made for Halloween but will definitely get you off any day of the year!

You're minding your own business, walking down the street, when suddenly a woman appears before you. Startled, you glance up into her eyes and find yourself entranced. She smiles a gleaming smile as your vision starts to go fuzzy.. You awake in a dark room to find yourself naked, the woman's mouth working your hard cock. She smiles delightedly as her tongue swirls around your cockhead, and suddenly you hear her voice--but her mouth remains occupied with your throbbing tool. You realize with a shock that her voice is in your mind. Her orange eyes watch you with amusement, and your heart starts to pound when you finally notice the pair of glinting fangs so close to your helpless member