ASMR - Painting And Touching You

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359 5.0
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DrVenture28 - Top reviewer Jan 8
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Very comforting. I imagine with sound isolation and real top notch asmr gear and your voice you can turn this into a very successful series. Less attractive and far more clothed people on youtube make a damn good living off of doing this, so I'm sure you can blow them out of the water.

Thank you, this was a first for me but I really enjoyed it and hopefully will be doing more in the future! :)

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This video was great, I hope you do more. Definitely suggest getting this video!

This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: I would like a personal attention ASMR-style video. You are a classmate who has asked me to pose for a portrait. Before long, you suggest that it would be best if I pose nude. You are very impressed and attracted to my physique and use every opportunity to examine my body up close and touch me to put me in the pose you want. You trace the muscle lines and run your hands along the curves of the body. The emphasis is on personal attention. It starts out innocent, but it is clear you are quite attracted to my body. The touching begins to get more personal and inappropriate, but I don't mind. It turns sexual. Enjoy yourself. I will leave how it ends up to you. Please use realistic dialogue and your natural voice (maybe soft spoken), not cheesy-porn dialogue or voices
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