Pizza Girl Delivers You The Special

mar 15, 2024Stream and Download2.96 GB20m52s FHD

This is a sequel to: It's been a loOong time... You may not remember me right away, but I sure remember you! Seems my pizzeria knew it was you when you placed the order, because they left out the "special" and I can surely help add that! Back with a bigger strap-on then before, but you've been waiting for this day... haven't you? Sporting a pair of cutesy panties, a lil' cage and even a princess plug! I'm impressed! Let's get to work and add the final touches to your hot pie! Tags: roleplay/role play/roleplaying/role playing, pizza girl/pizza delivery/pizza delivery girl, costume, dirty talk/dirty talking, SPH/small penis humiliation, CEI/cumming eating instructions/cum encouragement, POV/point of view, virtual fuck/VF, peg/pegging/pegged/strapon/strap-on, femdom, eye contact, big dick/big dicks/big cock/big cocks/bbc, futa/futanari, premature/premature ejaculation, small testicle humiliation, tease/teasing, hat, ponytail, verbal humiliation, degrading, sissy sluts, alternative/inked/tattooed/pierced, Cattie Candescent/Cat Candescent

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