Sheena Ryder in New Mom Moving in - House Rules

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House Rules- Sheena walks up the front steps of her step-sister Cory’s house. Sheena is wearing a pink crop top with matching pants. Cory answers the front door and she is completely naked. Sheena asks her why she is naked, and Cory explains to her that that is one of the house rules. ‘You have to be naked at all times, and you have to do anal and take creampies,’ Cory explains to Sheena. Sheena tells Cory that she is able to do all of that, except for the creampies. Cory tells her that she can live in the guest house, as long as she gets naked right away. Sheena strips out of her pink outfit, and then she follows Cory towards the guest house. They walk in and sit down on the bed next to each other. Cory calls her step-son, Luke, and tells him that Sheena will be staying in the guest house, and she asks Luke to come stop by the guest house when he gets a chance. A few minutes later, Luke walks in and starts chatting with his step-mom and her new MILF friend. Luke is eager to have some fun with Sheena! She starts to give Luke a blowjob while Cory sits next to them, watching. Once Luke’s cock is hard, Sheena lies down on her back and Luke starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position first. A few minutes later, he is slowly fucking her ass in the same position. Then, she flips over into the doggystyle position and he fucks her ass harder from behind. When they’re done fucking, Cory tells her step-son to go clean himself up while she shows Sheena the rest of the house…

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