Carry me mommy part 1


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:25 min - Nov 10 - .MP4 - 519.82 MB


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Hot mom Nyssa Nevers has just gotten off from a long day of work. She slips off her heels and rubs her stocking feet. Her feet hurt so bad after a long day of carrying everyone. She bends over and removes her sweaty pantyhose. As she sits back on her bed, she notices her son spying on her from around the corner. She calls to him asking if he is spying on mommy..he comes up the stairs looking sheepish and gets on the bed with her. She asks why he looks so sad. He confesses its because of her. She is always away at work now, carrying everyone else, but she never carries him any more! Nyssa immediately reassure him that's not true! He is her boy she will always carry him! She open her arms and he climbs into her lap, snuggling up to her bosom. She wraps her arms around him and rubs his head. She promises him that no matter how big he gets she will away carry him! She rocks him in her arms and gives him a kiss on the lips. She had no idea her son was so jealous. She offers to carry him right now! Mom suggests his favorite,a front carry! He jumps into her arms, wrapping his legs tight around her waist. She pulls him even closer to her chest and begins to walk with him. She tells him how much she loves him and that she would never forget about her boy. She tells him he is the first boy she had ever carried. She walks back and fourth before playfully dropping him on the bed and they laugh together. He asks if he can get on her back? She says yes and tells him to hold on to her real tight! She picks him up and bounces him up and down, playing with him on her back before falling on the bed with him. This is such a good game she does it again! They are having so much fun but he wants more! She fixes her skirt and offers to pick him up over her shoulder, they haven't done that in a while. He eagerly agrees and she throws him up onto her shoulder. They giggle together as she walks around the bed and gives him a playful spank. He kicks his feet out and she twirls him round and around. His mom is the best, They always have so much fun together! Continued in part 2