Yoga makes me fart


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:47 min - Nov 11 - .WMV - 461.17 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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As I sit down to do my yoga stretches I noticed how bloated my belly is. Its feel so jiggly and sloshy from drinking so much last night. Ugh I feel so gross, maybe my yoga will make me feel better... But as I start to bend over and do some stretches it feels worse! Now i feel a sharp pain, that must be gas. I try a different stretch and I let out a big fart! OMG it smells pretty bad, I'm glad I'm at home and not in yoga class! Id never be able to go back! I stretch my legs and butt out, and another loud fart rips out! Its even worse then the first! I almost gag and have to cover my face its so potent. My instructor did warn me that detox tea would make me not smell so fresh for a week or so.. but shesshh this is so bad! I move to another stretch and I immediately fart again. I can't take much longer of this smell, it must be the beer with the detox, this is so bad, I have to warn my friends not to d rink on this detox! I can't stop farting now! Another squeaks out my ass and I feel a little wetness with it, Oh I hope I don't ruin these leggings, my butt looks so good in them