The Effect of Foot Worship

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***For the ultimate viewing experience, I recommend watching "Purified By Goddess Wolfe", "All of My Softness", "Imperfectly Pearly Love Bites", and "Control for Me and My Lace", in that order, before proceeding to watch this. However, the watching of the previous clips is not necessary for the understanding or enjoyment of this video.*** Now, I very much want to feel your mouth on My feet. But first, I need to ensure you understand that being asked to worship My feet is not something to be taken for granted. I want this very intimate type of touch only from a specific type of man: One who I want to test-- to observe the way he approaches this very powerful, sensitive part of My body. There are different desires that can be summoned in Me, based on the way My feet are worshipped. I can't wait to see which you will awaken...

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