Daylight Savings

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Blair Waters

French / France
2,104 5.0
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Cumming4U - Top reviewer Nov 27 2017
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Love that she made this when daylight savings time hit. The window tease was beyond sexy. The sun loves her! her on the bed POV mmm perfect! love this french woman of talents. A woman of true art & visuals!

The extra hour has given us more time to spend together...the sun shines a little brighter....and the weather is a little cooler. Watch me & admire me as I gaze out the window , with just a bralette on. Then as a lay on the bed, the sun beams upon my body....making this view amazing. I give you close ups of me riding. Showing off my trimmed bush. Then doggy POV watching you...watching me. I just love looking over my shoulder while you enjoy me. This feels so good....I promise you will love this extra hour we have together.....Au Revoir