4K Slow Riding 11" Horse and Squirt 3X

877 4.8

DJ Deja Louco

Dominican / West Coast Living
877 4.8
14:00 min - Jan 16 - .MP4 - 1.96 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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DragonLover21 deleted Nov 20

This video is the best! I urge everyone to purchaseit!! You won’t regret the decision you made on this Goddess of a BBW Ebony!!!!!!!!!

Itsmr77 deleted Jan 3
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Very hot!!!

Mdb151 Dec 23
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Loved it could have used a bit of dirty talk tho

So I've heard. I must admit I forgot I was even filming after the first orgasm. And after the third, I kinda just laid there dead for a while lmao

Optim1st Nov 26
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Love regular and reverse cowgirl. Specially with nice asses like yours! Keep it up!

AvgJoe76 - Top reviewer Jan 24
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Simply, just wow! You get to see her bounce that big ol ass, and then wet your face up. I volunteer to clean up.

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Great video. The riding was on point and the orgasms/squirting were awesome!

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Love this video, very hot. Love my solo vids and this is a must have.

When I was a little girl, I used to love horses! I promised myself one day I would have my very own to ride! Featuring: Slow riding a huge 11" horse cock from the back, and fucking this tight pussy from the front. Squirting three times, soaking up the hotel sheets until I can't stop shaking
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