Freebie Tuesday

Corseted Cum

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Asiri Stone

American / The Nether
16,786 5.0
14:02 min - Nov 15 - .MP4 - 1.65 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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monkeytatz69 - Top reviewer Feb 7
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Simply amazing & stunning!!! As a huge fan of big tits, corsets, stockings, boob bouncing, riding, & blue/purple hentai hair this video not only has everything but is also perfect. Asiri herself is gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, & horny!! Along with having a sexy little bush too. Holy smoke on her cowgirl & reverse cowgirl too, honestly some of the best I have ever seen. I truly hope there is a sequel to this in the works in the near future since we not only need more of Asiri but more of this too!! Truly an amazing well deserving orgasm & photo worthy poses at the end too ^_^

ze567ke Dec 26
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A great video the corset really shows off asiri's curves to the fullest. If you were a big fan of both her riding videos this is a must have for you. Plus you get the bonus of asiri in a corset.

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Just when you think Asiri's Videos can't get any better, she delivers another Bombshell! Think of this Video as a Revamped Dildo Ride, but on Steroids! This is definitely a must buy if you are a Fan of Asiri!

BOBSAGOT - Top reviewer Jan 15
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Easily one of the sexiest women on this site, thin waist, huge breasts and a pretty face. And the corset only emphasizes those features. Making cleavage so remarkable and sexy you would consider busting just at the sight of her natural jugs jiggling around inside of it. Thankfully she frees them from the lace snare and gives you a long glimpse at their succulent juicy glory. Asiri stone is remarkable, sexy and if you fancy Big tits a must watch. Those jugs of hers jiggle, bounce and shake as she rides a dildo. All the while making you wish you could fuck those young, perky, huge perfect funbags

Watch me use a dildo while laced up in a cute corset. Video contains: Teasing, Boobie play, BJ tease Masturbation, and Dildo riding