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I’m Monica The Mischievous Maid and I got a job at the Dirty Doctors House, things were fairly quiet and my cleaning duties were going well so I thought I would stop for a rest, and would you believe it I found a nice selection of Sex Toys behind a cushion on the sofa, now the doctor wouldn’t be home for a while so I thought I would give them a try so I slipped my uniform off and started to play with the nice smooth leopard print vibe which slid effortlessly into my juicy cunt. I pounded away harder and harder and deeper and faster until I reached a satisfying Climax, but I needed more so I reached for the electric vibrating wand and pushed it hard against my clit while sliding the vibe in and out but I needed to get comfortable, so I lay back on the sofa with my legs wide apart and got to work with the magic wand teasing my clit until I reached a climax and squirted all over the place. But the Doctor came home early and caught me…………..Now That’s Another Story ! Monica xx
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