Kitten Tease & Denial


Sully Savage

American / Tampa
6:26 min - Nov 15 - .MP4 - 679.95 MB


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I'm adhd and I could care less about taking my time to focus on you. Lol that would be a silly thing to spend my time doing. So I see you watching but I'm much more amused by my vape and fidget spinner. I love to dance around and play with myself. Blowing the vape smoke onto my body. It feels so amazing when the cool air hits my pussy. Kitten gets a little creative here and uses the fidget spinner to please herself too. I spin it and let the metal hit the metal from my hood piercing on my clit. You'll here the *tink tink tink* in the video.. it is electrifying . Enjoy my amazingly beautiful and tattooed body. Because to me, in this moment, you don't even exsist
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