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BK face stuffing mukbang

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innerdeviant - Top reviewer Sep 4
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she gets food in, i get cum out!

samx12 deleted - Top reviewer Dec 28
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in this clip watch as i stuff myself full of a HUGE burger and a milkshake, i nibble on a couple of fries too but eating the burger is a struggle, at the end of the video i show my full belly and rub it (the video quality is not its best because of focus that is why the price is what it is, however i didnt get full to the point of sick for nothin lol so enjoy) Facestuffing feedee fat fetish gainer gaining bbw bbw eating food mukbang over eating facestuffing bbw eating, bbw face stuffing, bbw mukbang, bbw bloated belly, bbw topless, bbw face stuffing, bbw over eating, bbw feedee, bbw over eating, bbw belly, bbw fetish, belly fetish, bbw fat fetish, bbw face stuff, bbw eat, bbw black hair, bbw glasses, bbw nails, bbw hands, bbw fat, bbw arms, bbw chest ,bbw cleavage
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