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Tigger Rosey

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1,525 4.8
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Tiggerspiglet deleted Jan 3
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Ok first of all I came. With that out of the way as always your acting is very nice and you play an annoyed brat so naturally. ;) Naked annoyed BJ from Tigger. What is not to like? I would prob have you do this if you were my step sister. I also now have a sweater fetish so thanks.

Andrew_120 - Top reviewer Feb 2
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WOW. That's all I can say. you'll need to see all her bratty, annoyed, playful, and gorgeous looks for yourself. Great set-up, awesome BJ, perfect ending.

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Awesome acting, great camera work. Would love sequel of this. maybe ill pay for it. I definitely enjoyed paying for this vid

Smith_T deleted - Top reviewer Jan 26
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Thank you 💖💕💖

Annoyed / bratty stepsister Step sister is lazy and doesn’t want to do her chores. She knows her stepbrother has a crush on her, and secretly may have one on him as well, but would NEVER admit it! . One evening, she is busy online with her friends and doesn’t want to clean the kitchen as her dad asked her to. She knows she’ll get into trouble if she doesn’t do it. She sees her step brother eyeing her and she teases him, calling him a pervert and tells him he is obviously obsessed with her and is totally desperate and will never be with a girl, Then she gets an idea: if he agrees to clean the kitchen she expose herself to him. Her step-brother at first says no and just seeing her naked is not enough. She sighs in exasperation and disgust and then tries to tempt by showing him her breasts. He looks for a second and then says, “not enough.” “c’mon you little pervert,” she gets pissed, “ you know you want to see more. Just agree to clean the kitchen and you can see it all.” He seems to be thinking about it but then says, “no, I want more than just a look.” “You Fucking pervert,” she responds “You think I will let your little greasy hands touch me! Fuck that!” He begins to walk away and she stops him, “wait, wait, wait,” she pleads, “when was the last time you even touched another girl's boob?” He begins to walk away again, “Okay!” she stops him again, “I don’t want to clean the kitchen! Just do this thing for me and I will….” He then blurts out, “Get completely naked and Jerk me off and let me cum on your tits.” She reacts totally disgusted, although she absentmindedly caresses her own breasts as she says, “you are fucking sick I am your step sister and that is totally disgusting you fucking demented pervert!” All the while she is taking off her clothes. After getting totally naked, she begins to stroke his cock and pretends to be looking at her phone and acts annoyed. Every once in awhile she glances over and calls him pathetic, but her eyes seem to linger longer on his cock each time. After a few times of this, he suggests she put her mouth on his cock. She scowls and her face screws up in disgust and he then he offers to even clean the dishes for a week. She rolls her eyes, and then looks back longingly at his cock and nods yes. She acts disgusted and then slowly and timidly puts her mouth on his cock. At first just she is timid about it then she can’t hold back as she begins to suck him off and then starts playing with herself. After a minute she is totally in it and is getting off. She lets him cum on her tits and says he is disgusting, but when he leaves she puts his cum on her fingers and begins to lick looking longing toward the door as the video ends
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