Kitten turns Savage on @teamlooseylu


Sully Savage

American / Tampa
15:57 min - Nov 16 - .MP4 - 822.16 MB


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Kitten is a sweet, pesky little brat... And Savage well... Savage usually takes over when Kitten is too chicken to take a risk. Kitten walks into the room while Loosey lu (sitter Daddy hired while hes away) is cleaning her guns. Kitten is so interested and HAS to touch everything, even after Loosey tells her multiple times to stop. Kitten finally gets bored and remembers that she's hungry and walks away to go to the kitchen. She begins looking for something to eat and see Loosey's peanut butter on the counter and she knows she's not supposed to touch it. That's when Savage starts chiming in to get Kitten to do things she's not supposed to. Savage gets annoyed with Kitten's lack of trying things that may get her in trouble and then takes over. Savage hears Loosey calling for her so she walks to meet loosey as she opens the door to come find her. Covered in peanut butter, Savage begins to get an attitude with Loosey. What does Loosey do? She calls Daddy! What a BITCH! Savage and Kitten both know not to disobey Daddy. She's sent to shower and Loosey is told to punish her any way she sees fit.... A shower tease and denial