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Custom request (it's a good one): Daddy comes home early from work one day to find his little girl looking at pictures of big dicks on his laptop, he watches as she starts touching herself to the pictures, then decides he's going to have some fun with her. He walks into the room surprising her, she tries to cover her laptop up but its too late. "So you like looking at big dicks?" daddy asks Persephone nods shyly, she can't hide how turned on she is "Now it's time to play" Daddy says Scene cuts to Persephone with a blind fold covering her eyes "you want to play with a big dick?" Persephone nods, shes nervous but excited Daddy tells her to reach forward where his dick is waiting (Longest/Thickest dildo you own), she touches the tip and gasps as she feels the hard tip. She then slowly starts to run her hands down from the tip to the base. "it is big" Persephone whispers She takes of her blindfold and gasps as she sees daddys huge dick standing infront of her, she recoils in slight fear but is transfixed by how thick and long it is. Daddy tells her to use lube to make it wet, she's nervous at first but as her hands rub it up and down she cant control herself "Daddy, i want your monster cock inside my tight little pussy" Scene cuts to Persephone on ready to sit on the dick (cowgirl position/facing camera) She starts to lower herself onto the tip and she cries at the head enters her "Daddy i dont know if its going to fit" She keeps pushing more in slowly "Daddy it's filling me up" As she reaches the end she moans loudly and rubs her belly "Daddy i can feel your huge cock in my stomach" She starts to ride up and down while rubbing all over her tummy *then rest of video focuses on you riding it, lots of commentary on how you can feel it fucking your stomach, lots of size compliments, lots of belly caressing until you cum. You take it out and suck your juices of the tip then you lay back and rub your tummy while moaning. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET ANY SOLO VIDEO FOR $5 OR ANY B/G VIDEO FOR $10 VIA THE MV AWARDS. Just vote via this link > or check out more deals on my twitter @dontslutshame