Pinky Swear

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Blair Waters

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5,186 5.0
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Blair Waters Jan 5 2018


Cumming4U - Top reviewer Nov 27 2017
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Acting of course is beyond amazing! Dildo rubbing on pussy is the best tease. Katya is a goddess . Pinky swear is one of my new favs!

I have not seen you since your wedding. Wow I can't believe how time flies. We have always been close friends since college. You come over to my house & tell me how marriage life has been for you. But you seem sad & admit you hate it. You don't have sex much? I start to feel bad for you, then I bring up the time that we "almost" went all the way. How you just rubbed your cock up and down my pussy slit. It felt amazing that time didn't it?..... Well why not do that now. It's not like you're "cheating" on your wife. We are not going "all the way". We are just two old pals catching up... wanting to feel good. We pinky swear we won't tell a soul.... So lay back and slid your cock in between my pussy lips, and thrust my hips up and down. Jerking you with just my lips. Gosh this feels so good. I thrust my hips fast..... I feel like I'm about to cum...... Gosh don't tell your wife. We pinky swore it!!! & You can NEVER break that...wink. WARNING!!!-- (Live music was playing outside my home, you can hear it in parts (parade of some sort) underboob seen, boobs not out during whole boob bouncing etc. (THERE IS NO PENETRATION) this is a simple rubbing toy on pussy tease. I repeat (THERE IS NO PENETRATION