Jimmys F o r ced Bi surprise pt1

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Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
807 5.0
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paulsmall - Top reviewer Jan 13
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Eat that pussy all day long!

Jimmy has been begging Goddess Savannah to do a face sitting session with him. He cant wait to be owned by her glorious ass. She agreed to see him and let him worship her amazing behind. When Jimmy arrives for his session, Savannah tease's him with her big booty. She shows him just how perfect her booty is, jiggling it and then climbs on top of his face. She lets her booty cheeks spill over and seal his face to her as. Jimmy is in heaven and can barley speak. He has dreamed of Savannah's ass controlling him, and has been the only thing he can think about, even when he is with his wife! He loves feeling the weight of her ass smoth ering him out. He breathes in deep,and feels himself stiffen when he smells her pussy and asshole. He thanks his goddess for allowing him to be her seat. She purrs in pleasure and thanks him for being such a good pet. She loves to tease her pets, so she leans forward so he can see her ass, and lifts up her skirt. She bounces her booty meat in front of him, driving him crazy with want. He would do anything to have her bare ass on his face! She sits down using her hands to squish her booty so his face is completely airtight. She loves feeling the power her ass has over him. She slowly grinds her ass, driving him almost out of his mind! She tells him, she has a confession to make...she has been wanting to do more then face sitting and s moth ering...she has been looking for someone who is very good at oral... she needs a mouth that is very good! Could that be you Jimmy she asks? Eager to please his goddess he tells her his mouth is hers for anything she desires. She laughs seductively. She was hoping he'd said that. She tells him she likes to get super freaky and kinky and takes out a blind fold for him to wear. She tells him, not to move, she going to step away and take off her clothes. She comes back bare assed, but then has another male in tow! She rubs jimmy's face and tells him how happy she is that he is doing her this favor. She just can't seem to find a mouth that will do what she wants. But since jimmy was so eager to be owned by her ass and do anything she says, she feels that his mouth will be perfect for the job. She stands over jimmy and begins unbuttoning the mans jeans
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