Edge To My Boots

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you're an addict to me, you love and adore me, your spoilt Princess. you are addicted to my boots and everything I wear, my divine stunning body and look. I want you to wank me, slave. you dream of worshipping me don't you, kneeling at my booted feet. To be in your place beneath my boots. you never get my divine Princess pussy no that's for real men, you get dirt only from my boots. Remember never to get me angry slave, as you will have to be punished and I will not show mercy as I flog you, slave! Edge for me slave, edge to my boots for me slave. you can cum when I allow you to, I will always give you encouraging thrashes over your pathetic body, should you not worship just the way I like it slave. Im allowing you pain and pleasure slave. So get ready my little bitch.

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