Custom Roleplay Earning Your Raise

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This was such a fun custom roleplay to produce. I play the boss in this fun and dirty little roleplay and you of course are my employee. We start the fun with you begging me for a raise. You have a million excuses as to why you want/need the raise. I really do not want to hear any of it. You will soon find out that raises in my work place do come with additional costs. Are you up for it? Only if you promise to keep it between us and not share it with the work place. Or else I will be need to fire you. You do understand now, right?! Join me for some naughty boss/employee fun!!! Will you Cum4Jen? What you will experience in this clip: Custom Roleplay, Big Tits, All Natural, Nipple Licking, Dirty Talking, Virtual Titty Fucking, Toys, Dildo Sucking, Boss, Cum Begger, MILF, Cam Model, Cam Girl, Amateur
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