Turned On By The Pain



American / West Coast
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Taylor is back with another foot injury he received playing volleyball. He limps in to the room to evaluate the injury and wishes that he didn’t get rid of his crutches already. It didn’t really make sense to give them away since he tends to get injured so frequently… Or is it because Taylor actually is sexually attracted to the pain? He realizes there is definitely some different feelings this injury. The extreme pain is triggering some strange extreme pleasure receptors in his brain that he can only experience when he is in such pain. The realization begins to set in when Taylor starts to piece the puzzle together… Why has he been getting hurt so often? Did he subliminally place his foot underneath where he knew his friend was going to land when they were playing volleyball? Is he addicted to the pain? Why does Taylor’s dick get hard when he is experiencing this extreme pain? At the end, it is clear, Taylor is turned on by the pain as he jerks his hard cock moving the broken toes back and forth