Teen Strip! Oil + Tease

2,646 5.0

Mattie Doll

American / Philadelphia
2,646 5.0
5:08 min - Nov 22 - .MP4 - 544.67 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Oh, yes. You are so so beautiful. I love your shows

Startingallover deleted - Top reviewer Jan 27
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My goodmen/goodwoman, who doesn't like a bit of oil every now and then ;)

stripteases are nice and I love when oil is used because it accentuates the curves. I loved the video!

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So sexy. I love this type of video. And dat ass! Amazing, hope we get more like this in future.

SyPage Nov 22
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Mattie is a very sexy woman. I didn’t think she look any hotter, but covered in oil...... wow

TEASE VIDEO Watch this amateur redhead strip down to nudeness, lather herself up with baby oil & tease you