KJ Knocks Out Daphney 2 Take Her Panties

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Daphney got some super cute new panties but she won't even show them to Kymberly Jane. Being just a little bit crazy, Kym knocks Daphney out with a big book so she can undress her and get her panties. Daphney goes completely limp of course which makes it hard for Kym to move her around to get her clothes off. Eventually Daphney starts to wake up and immediately wonders why her clothes are half off. Kym just again and steals her panties. Kym's a little twisted so she not only steals her panties but she plays with Daphney's limp body and makes her do weird things to herself. When Daphney wakes up again she gets worried about the way she keeps passing out and gets Kym to take her to the hospital even though Kym is the reason she keeps passing out