Epic Balloon Vid



American / Houston, TX
23:15 min - Nov 24 - .WMV - 201.65 MB - 640x480


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To celebrate my 100th Update on Southern Charms/QueenOfCascadia.com, I did a HUGE balloon photoset and video! For over 23 minutes, I blow up, pop, bounce on, squish, sit on, step on, over inflate, squeeze, burn & otherwise distroy dozens of balloons of all sizes. I've got a full bag of 9"ers, a full bag of 12"ers, one big punch balloon that gets to about 18", then a HUGE balloon that I blow up to about 24", but could go as high as 36"! A couple of my small balloons are even filled with smoke! There's something for every looner in this vid, so you've GOT to check it out! Be sure to check out the matching photoset too! 23:15, 1192kbps, 640x480, shot in 2010