July 4th Beach Ball



American / Houston, TX
10:33 min - Nov 24 - .WMV - 152.96 MB


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It's July 4th, and while the fireworks go off in the background, we're bursting things of our own here at home! I get a brand new inflatable red white and blue beach ball, blow it up, set it on the floor, sit on it, bounce on it, jiggle my big ass trying to bust it, then give up and slip into the sexiest pair of suede heels you've ever seen and stomp the hell out of it! These stilletos quickly burst this big round ball and leave it a shred of what it once was - all while I'm wearing just tiny bra and panties. (Forgive the messy house, my roommates at the time were slobs!) 10:33, 4003kbps, 960x720 HD, shot in 2011