One Dozen Green Balloons



American / Houston, TX
25:01 min - Nov 24 - .WMV - 735.82 MB


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I blow up a dozen green 12" pearlized balloons one by one on camera while jamming out to my music. I then rotate the camera to a clear area of the floor, pile them up, and play with them one by one! Sitting, bouncing, ass crushing, ass popping, long nail popping, long nail popping closeups, up close tie off with fingers getting stuck, SUPER loud pops! I burst every one but three, and leave those to age, so non-pop fetish too! Squishing, squeezing, between legs, between thighs, rubbing, squeaking, bouncing, sitting on, under feet, popping with toenails, & more. 25:01, 1280x720 HD, 7582kbps, 15 fps, shot in 2011