Hatsune Miku Fucked While Tied Up

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
85,482 5.0
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djgriff0001 Jan 20 2018

Absolutely outstanding!!  This is by far the best one you've done in my personal opinion Lana.  I wish you would do more of them lime this.  My only humble critique is that you switch up the angles.  And I would humbly request that you do 'Mito San' from Hunter X Hunter.  Can't wait to see what's in the future.

Donaldweedy Dec 26 2017

sexy as fuck

Lovecraft45 Nov 24 2017

my next purchase

DarkSnyder87 Nov 24 2017

Fucking amazing!😍

MistressGeisha Nov 24 2017


kingof20v - Top reviewer Nov 30 2017
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You cannot go wrong with with Lana, and this video is more proof to that

DaxterWindwood Nov 24 2017
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The cosplay is on point, as always. I can tell that Lana is trying something new with this video, which is not a bad thing. Overall, 5 stars. High recommend it.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Nov 24 2017
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Lana tries to do something a bit different in this one. Having her hands tied up was something that Lana hasn't done much. So this is a new kind of video for her. The cosplay was really on point. The hair, outfit, boots, and even her nails. It matches everything about Hatsune Miku. Lana shows us her dedication to matching the character really well.

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This one was extremely hot even tho I'm not a huge Miku fan this one was still a great video to have. Lana's really know how to take a concept and combined it with her knowledge of anime character to find the right one that would fit the most with the concept that she is portraying in the video. All of this leads to an amazing video that anyone can watch and get something out of.

trock230 - Top reviewer Jan 25 2018
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Another great video from Lana of course!

B-Tier][No Plot][FullHD][60FPS] Hatsune Miku gets tied up to a chair and fucked after her concert