Skylar+Sav humiliation JOI


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:35 min - Nov 25 - .MP4 - 538.74 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Savannah and Skylar caught you staring at them, what you actually think we would get with you? We are fucking 10's head to toe and you are nothing but a pathetic loser. We can see that small excuse of dick? What would we even do with that?! I've seen clits bigger then your dick! It really can't be that small? They insult and humiliate your manhood, throwing out jokes and letting out peals of laughter at your expense. They bend over and tease you, showing your their perfect booties, The girls decide they want to get you hard and see if it even grows? They laugh and flaunt their tight tummies and round booties. They order you to start jerking off your cock, we know you want to. Your lucky we are even allowing you touch it for us. They strip out of the bottoms showing off their sexy panties. They laugh at how small your dick is and remind you that the only thing your dick is good for is being pathetic and getting jerked, you will never have sex with them. You would do anything for them, just watching them make a jerk off motion with their hands brings you almost to the brink of orgasm but they tell you to hold it. They own that load now and you will cum when they want you to, and maybe they will just let you stroke it until your ready to explode and then deny you even that.. how much will their sexy bodies own your primal needs