Jimmys F o r ced Bi surprise pt2

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Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
936 5.0
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This clip would have been so much hotter with a BBC!

paulsmall - Top reviewer Jan 13
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So lucky getting eat her lovers cum and be near her pussy!

In this part 2 update, Savannah has a agreed to let Jimmy tribute her and worship her amazing ass in person. She had sat on his face teasing him and making him a complete slave to her big booty. She told Jimmy she has been feeling very kinky and freaky lately and slips a blind fold on Jimmy. She confessions she has been wanting more out of her sessions besides face sitting and ass worship...She had been looking for someone who does oral too.. Jimmy says he will doing anything to please his goddess. Savannah unbeknownst to Jimmy has bought another man in the room. She climbs on top of Jimmys face , hovering right above his blind fold. She lets her big thighs graze his face as she teases him with her bubble booty. Savannah orders him to open his mouth. She spits into it, and tells him stick out his tongue. Jimmy thinking his is about to get a mouthful of his goddess gets a mouthful of dick instead. He notices something is off... he doesn't want to upset his goddess when he says that it doesn't feel like her. She orders him to keep licking as her lays Jimmy's hands on her sexy body, letting him grope her perfect perky tits. Somewhat reassured that it must be her, he continues to lick. She strokes her studs cock and orders jimmy to suck. She tells Jimmy she has a big pussy and big clit, she wants to make sure that Jimmy can fit all of her in his mouth. To further fool him, she climbs on top of Jimmy Face letting the weight of her ass cheeks fall on his face. Reassured he starts sucks her studs cock as she grinds on him, bounces her juicy booty and moaning in delight as she watches Jimmy gobble down Mr. Fox's cock
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