Emergency Room Orgasm

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8,580 4.9
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tx6294 - Top reviewer Sep 19 2016
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Kat goes all out getting herself off; believe or not actually in the ER. It is not staged you can hear all the people in the background. On a personal note I love watching Kat's face when she orgasms.

nazgul520 Sep 5 2016
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OK it does not get more real than this, kats adventures while waiting is both sexy and funny esp when almost caught.

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The immediacy and intimacy of this highly charged eroticism is amazing. This is not only extremely hot it is also so much a spontaneous act of mise en scene that it genuinely captures something extra! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. And tip this girl with FundMe she needs to be encouraged!

humpdaypumper - Top reviewer Jul 9 2016
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I've been following Smarty Kat on periscope for about six months. Seems like a cool chick, is school chick. She is also really intelligent, a hustler, and has an endless sexual appetite. I thought by the title that this was going to be a fantasy okay in her room or somewhere like a set. Hell no. Smarty Kat is dedicated to herself and putting out great content for her fans. She has love for us and you can see that in this clip. It's so sexy that she even took the time to record this on her phone when she was in dire straits. She must have been turned on by something because I've never seen anything like this. You can hear her almost cumming but has to stop briefly because someone came by. But just like a champ she gets back into it without missing a beat. A definite must buy and now everyone go to her main website and become a member NOW!!!!. Go find her to go to Exxxotica in Chicago. Smartykat314.com

huhwhtfkr - Top reviewer Jun 27 2017
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Pretty w/o make up
Hot sneaky vid
Loved it

Remy83 Jun 20 2016
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I lover the expressions on your face. The body language. Non scripted videos are the best. Can't wait to buy more from you.

NiteshadowJones May 12 2016
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This Video is so hot.. i can't believe how erotic, how horny she is!

aggybass Apr 16 2016
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I LOVE this video! Probably my favourite of all of them. Would definitely recommend

liamindc - Top reviewer Mar 5 2016
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A unique voyeuristic experience with a hint of attractive desperation

I've been left waiting for my xrays forever in the emergency room and need to find a way to distract myself. Despite the door to my room being open and someone almost catching me I still am so horny I can't help but play with myself. Shot with my cell phone. Totally unscripted or censored. Completely real