Smelly Shoes, Socks, and Pantyhose


Katy Churchill

Canadian / Vancouver BC
5:29 min - Nov 30 - .MP4 - 197.27 MB


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Come in and prop up feet in front of you. "I'm tired. My feet are hot. It itches in between my toes really bad." Take off a sneaker and itch toes for 30 secs. "Shew...smelly socks. It is cold so i also put on socks over my pantyhose." Itch foot some more. "Maybe i should have wore clean socks...i wore these the other day. Wanna sniff them. My athletes foot is back baby so inhale at your own risk." Tease some more. "Oh you want the other foot now?" Kick off other sneaker. Tease about smelly about athletes foot about sweaty socks....while scratching toes also. Halfway through. "You like those socks but my feet are burning up." Take off socks and ball up together and put by feet. "Shew these pantyhose also smell. Corn chip city baby." Keep itching athletes about hose smell....tease etc. Last minute. Take socks and sniff. Put back on socks. "My feet are getting cold." Keep itching feet. "Fuck! Baby go to store and get me some fungus spray." Take back off socks and throw them at camera. "Hurry" (chuckle) One last scratch. **This video was originally a custom order. Contact me to get your own custom fetish video made