Goddess Sydney Humiliates Her Spittoon



American / San Diego
10:23 min - Nov 30 - .MP4 - 1,008.04 MB


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Goddess is looking gorgeous in her blue velvet dress and stilettos, perfect for the denial and humiliation Her spittoon. Goddess knows how much Her spittoon craves the taste of her spit and saliva, and she will use his desire against him to get what she wants, his suffering. Gagging spittoon with an open mouth gag, Goddess dangles a goblet in front of his pathetic face, spitting into it, denying him his one pleasure, Her delicious spit. he attempts to beg, but the gag doesn't allow it, and Goddess laughs and laughs at him while he attempts to plead for Her spit. Deftly, she applies the pressure of her stiletto heel into spittoon's thigh, pressing into him, hurting him, making him suffer while She continues to deny him. As he shows his devotion to Her pleasure, she rewards him with fresh spit from her lips, in between continually spitting into Her goblet. Eventually he cannot handle it anymore and begs to have the cup of spit and Goddess obliges, after all the spit shouldn't go to waste, nothing this perfect should ever go to waste and so he drinks it up, like the thirsty little pig he is, while Goddess laughs in his face
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